Import Concept2 Rowing data into Strava

If, like me, you use a Concept2 rower as well as Strava for uploading your other workout data you may have been frustrated that you could not import your C2 data over from the Concept2 logbook (See the long forum thread here.

 The good news is that if you use the ergdata app when you row you are able to download a CSV file of your workout from the Concept2 logbook.

I have created a quick and dirty PHP site to convert these CSV files into a format you can upload to Strava (or probably any workout tracker which supports tcx, although I have only tested with Strava, selfish I know).

 Now there are other sites which can do this, and some might argue that they do it better too, but my tool does not need a user account or access to any of your Concept2 or Strava details, it simply tries to do what it sets out to do and send you on your way. Give it a crack if you want to at


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