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Connecting a Concept2 Rower to Zwift using a £10 Raspberry Pi Zero W.

TL;DR It works! It’s called go-row-cycle and you can get it at

A rowing machine is not a bicycle and despite there being an appetite for rowing in Zwift that fact does not change. The only way it seems for rowers to be officially accepted in Watopia is for rowing to be implemented proper. Good luck!

But people do row in Zwift, how? To get the data from the rowers computer into something Zwift recognises as a bicycle you need a middle device, a bridge that sits between the rower and whatever device you're cycling on, an ipad, phone or PC.

There are solutions already available to do this. NPE CABLE is a pod you can buy for about £90 in the UK (too steep for me). And there is RowedBiker, a free iOS or Android app.
RowedBiker is in fact probably the best option for most people. You just need a compatible device (one you are not using for Zwift) then you are good to go. There are other projects, some with cables or ANT+ dongles but they seemed cl…